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Manage staff information in a snap

Up-to-date records are essential to know caregiver availability and compliance with regulations. AdaCare simplifies it all, consolidating staff records into one organized system. Stay confident, compliant, and up to date with ease.

Staff Information

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Simplify your staff management process

Contact Information

Centralize contact info like name, address, phone, and email in one place. AdaCare simplifies it further, allowing quick email and calendar access with a single click.

Certification & License Tracking

AdaCare reports ensure staff compliance by tracking certifications and licenses, even alerting you to any expirations. From professional licenses to driver’s licenses, AdaCare has you covered.

Caregiver Availability

Your caregivers have diverse schedules. AdaCare enables you to establish individualized hours for each caregiver, ensuring you have a clear view of their availability for duty at any given time.

Geographic Zone Scheduling

AdaCare optimizes caregiver assignments by matching them to geographic zones, ensuring efficient scheduling with less travel time and more caregiving.

Allergy Information

Collect allergy information, like cat or smoke allergies, from your staff and our Smart Scheduling tool will align them with the right clients every time.

Overtime Notifications

AdaCare prevents you from scheduling overtime by default, but gives you control to relax those rules when you need to. If you relax the rules, caregivers on overtime are highlighted on the calendar for easy visibility so you can efficiently manage your payroll.

Simplify your staff management process

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