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Add more clients and thrive with our marketing tools

Boost your business growth with effective marketing using AdaCare. Set goals, track leads, admissions, and revenue with ease. Detailed reports provide both the big picture and individual case insights. Receive automatic emails for crucial events like new leads and admissions. Plus, AdaCare can collect leads for prospective clients directly from your own company website.

Add more clients and thrive with our marketing tools

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Marketing tools made with home care providers in mind

Automated Lead Follow Up

AdaCare excels at managing follow-up tasks for your leads and your to-do list. You’ll find all your client’s details on your screen, complete with their history and upcoming activities for more effective marketing operations.

Referral Tracking

AdaCare’s software expertly manages referrals, from email lists to contact details and upcoming birthdays. We’re here to help you foster stronger relationships with those who bring you new clients.

Website Lead Capture

Capture leads from your website in AdaCare. Families can easily request information and a callback directly from your company’s website. These prospects flow into your database, triggering instant email alerts for you. Respond within minutes, providing prompt assistance to families in need.

Marketing Reporting

Get a bird’s-eye view of your leads, admissions, and revenue, simplifying the process with our reporting tools. Dive deeper into detailed reports to track the status and history of your open leads and get alerted to any overdue leads that require your attention.

Marketing Automation

AdaCare automates follow-up activities in alignment with your marketing strategy. It’s a time-saver, ensuring your team adheres to a consistent plan effortlessly.

Instant Alerts

When families request information, our system promptly notifies your marketing team through email or text, ensuring not a moment is wasted in follow-up. Additionally, you receive alerts when a lead converts into a client admission, allowing your scheduler and clinical staff to spring into action without delay.

Marketing tools made with home care providers in mind

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