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A bookkeeping tool that simplifies the payroll and billing process

AdaCare gives you the tools you need to manage your agency. We track every visit, the hours, and the mileage — we save hours of work preparing your payroll and client billing. We don’t replace the accounting system you’re already using, we give you data you can transfer into any system. Whether you use QuickBooks or other accounting software, AdaCare provides the information you need for easy payroll and billing. 
A bookkeeping tool that simplifies the payroll and billing process

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Way more than bookkeeping

Time and Mileage Tracking
AdaCare tracks the time and mileage for every visit to give you the information you need for client billing or staff payroll. We allow for cancellations, no-shows, and adjustments to the hours, so you can have confidence in the data. Print billing and/or Payroll information on a report, or export the data to a standard Excel spreadsheet. 
Contracts, Billing and Pay Rates
  • Do you provide services to multiple facilities or other groups of clients/payers, where you charge different rates to each facility or group?
  • Do you provide multiple services that have different rates based on the difficulty of the service?
  • Do you have different pay rates for each staff?
  • Do you bill and pay differently based on Weekdays, Weekends, or Holidays?

AdaCare supports many flexible contracts and rates to support almost any situation.

Trend Reports and Charts
How’s your business doing? Use AdaCare’s built-in reports and charts to track your business metrics month to month. Look at each office separately, or use a consolidated overview for your whole business.
Quickbooks Online Connection
Many home care agencies use QuickBooks Online for accounting. AdaCare connects directly to your QuickBooks company account to create customer invoices and employee time tracking records. Save time and money every day! Do you need a QuickBooks Online account? Sign up for QuickBooks here!
Exports to Other Accounting Software

Easily export your billing and payroll data into formats compatible with your accounting system. AdaCare seamlessly integrates with major accounting systems. Plus, we offer a versatile generic format that can be effortlessly imported into Excel and various other programs.

Staff Hours Tracking

Our software captures detailed data for every visit, and we provide comprehensive reports and easy-to-use spreadsheets to ensure you have all the information you need for every pay period.

Way more than bookkeeping

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