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Automate time tracking for your care team’s billable hours

Our Clocking In/Out feature (or Electronic Visit Verification – EVV) easily captures the arrival and departure times of your caregivers at your clients’ homes. This ‘instant timecards’ system saves you precious hours of repetitive work each week. Also, this feature integrates directly with our scheduling feature, so you won’t have to re-enter visit details for billing and payroll calculations.
Automate time tracking for your care team’s billable hours

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Get functionality that surpasses the average time clock

Instant Timecards
Easily capture the exact arrival and departure times of your caregivers while ensuring their location aligns with your clients’ home addresses. ‘Instant Timecards’ saves you precious time in the office, to help drive your efficiency. 
Automated Time Recording
AdaCare effortlessly automatically logs these visits as ‘kept’ when your care team arrives and departs, sparing your office staff from mundane, repetitive tasks. Tardiness and other anomalies are automatically flagged on timecards, ensuring a seamless process with your approval at the help you can see, review or change problem time cards as needed.
Late Caregiver Alerts

Take action the instant a caregiver is running late for a visit. AdaCare sends you a real-time alert, so you can remind the caregiver or find a substitute in the event of last-minute absences.

Use GPS or Telephony
AdaCare supports two methods for EVV (Clock In/Out) – GPS for caregivers with smartphones, and Telephony if you have caregivers who don’t use smartphones. The best of both worlds!
Low Cost
GPS is free for up to 4 visits per client per day! Telephony has a low cost per call (10¢ per call in most locations).
Get functionality that surpasses the average time clock

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