Family is Part of the Care Team

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Keep Families in the Know

Keeping family members informed about the care of their loved ones is vital to client satisfaction. Adacare’s Family Portal offers 24/7 secure access to care records, appointments, documentation and more. All you need to keep up with care and the caregiver are just a click away.

Keep Families in the Know

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Families Like Communication

Family members can see date, time and caregiver for recent and upcoming visits. Whole monthly calendars are also available.
Family members can see your agency announcements about important changes in service or special events you are holding.
Family members can have access to documents that you designate. Agency procedures, important health tips, and other information is available so they don’t need to call your office.
Staff information
Introduce the family members to their loved one’s whole Care Team. Let them see a picture and/or bio when available, so they can know about them before they arrive for visits.
Families Like Communication

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