Find a Client’s Home with Ease using Maps

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Get clear directions to every client’s home

Maximize your time with clients and minimize your time behind the wheel. Even when your client’s directions are less than crystal clear, AdaCare offers reliable maps to guide you straight to their doorstep. These maps are seamlessly integrated directly into your staff’s daily printed itineraries. On top of that, you get access to live navigation maps and real-time traffic reports whenever you need them. 
Get clear directions to every client’s home

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Empower your care team with our maps feature

Driving Directions

Get seamless driving directions from your office or caregiver’s home, eliminating guesswork and ensuring your team never loses their way. Maps pop up directly from your scheduling calendar, making it easy to guide lost caregivers calling in from the road.

Traffic Reports

Stay ahead of traffic jams with real-time traffic reports, available in many cities. Help your staff avoid accidents and bottlenecks, ensuring they’re on time, every time.

Route Maps

We elevate maps by creating comprehensive routes for your caregivers’ day. Beyond pinpointing locations, our route maps efficiently chart the optimal path between each client’s home, ensuring a seamless transition from one visit to the next.

Empower your care team with our maps feature

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