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Good marketing is how you grow your business: Keeping in touch with your referral sources, and following up with new prospects. AdaCare helps you stay on top of your marketing process and convert more leads into new client admissions.

Our software includes features designed just for home care marketing professionals. You can set goals for your marketing team and monitor results by your leads, admissions, and revenue. Our reports give you a clear look at the big picture and the details for managing individual cases. You'll get automatic emails to alert you to important events, like new leads and admissions. AdaCare even collects new leads directly from your own web site.

Good Follow-Up = More Clients

Your leads are your future clients and it's vital to follow up quickly and consistently. AdaCare schedules follow-up activities for your leads and manages your to-do list. Plus, you have each client's details on your screen, along with a complete history and upcoming activities.


Grow Relationships

Where do your new leads come from? Doctors, hospitals, senior communities, web searches? Our software keeps track of every referral with email lists, contact lists, and even a list of upcoming birthdays! AdaCare helps grow your relationship with the people who send you new clients.

Collect Leads From Your Web Site

Use our "web widget" and families can request information and a callback from your company's web site. These prospects are automatically transferred into your database and you'll be notified with an email alert right away. Follow up in minutes, and help families without delay.


Charts and Reports

Marketing is a busy job and it's easy to get lost in the details. Our charts show you the big picture of leads, admissions, and revenue. Detailed reports show the status and history of your open leads and highlight any leads that are overdue for attention.

Email and Text Message Alerts

When a new lead comes in, it's important. AdaCare sends an email or text to your marketing team so you don't lose a minute of follow-up time. You also receive alerts when you convert a client to an admission so your scheduler and clinical staff can get started right away.


Automatic Activities

You probably have a standard marketing procedure for every new prospect. AdaCare will automatically schedule follow-up activities according to your marketing strategy. You'll save time, and your team will follow a consistent plan.