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Home care agencies needs more than a paper appointment book. You have dozens of caregivers, a growing list of clients, and hundreds of visits every week. You have to juggle your staff's work hours and skills to match your clients' individual needs.

AdaCare was designed just for home care, to help you manage your scheduling quickly, easily, and reliably. Read below to learn about our top features.

Smart Scheduling

AdaCare is smart scheduling. We find caregivers that match your client's needs quickly and reliably.

Our software automatically considers skills, geographic zones, and the client's home environment to suggest caregivers that are the best match for the client. It guards against overbooking and scheduling outside of your caregivers' on-duty hours. When AdaCare suggests a schedule, you know you can count on it to be right.


Staff Management

Keep track of your staff records in one place — names, addresses, telephone numbers, email, certifications, CEUs, work history, and more. AdaCare helps you keep on-duty hours up to date and certifications in compliance. Never forget paperwork with the built-in employment checklist. Contact information pops up with a mouse click. Now you can have a single system with your staff information at your fingertips.


Good marketing is how you grow your business — keeping in touch with your referral sources, and following up with new prospects. AdaCare helps you stay on top of your marketing process and convert more leads into new client admissions.


Caregiver Web Connection

More and more caregivers have a PC at home and now they can use AdaCare, too! Our Web Connection lets your caregivers sign in to view their schedules, calendars, maps, and more. Help your caregivers and reduce the workload for your busy office staff. It’s a great time-saver for all.

Clock In & Out by Telephony or GPS

Save time over old-fashioned time sheets and get high-quality documentation to show when your caregivers visit each home. Our clock-in/clock-out service automatically documents when your caregivers arrive and depart from your clients’ homes. It’s an easy way to record “instant timecards” and save hours of routine work every week.


Built-In Maps

Driving time is wasted time. AdaCare can pop up a map to the client's home, so you know where to go even if your clients' directions aren't always clear. In many cities, we even have up-to-the-minute traffic reports. You never need to get lost or stuck in traffic again.

Bookkeeping Tools

While AdaCare schedules visits with your clients, it also tracks time and mileage, and whether each visit should be billed and on the payroll. Print reports for client billing and staff payroll information and save hours of work every month.


Large Agencies? No Problem!

Multiple offices aren't a problem for AdaCare. We give you the tools to manage your business from each of your offices or from a central office, whichever you prefer. Each office has its own clients, staff, and geographic zones. Managers can work in any office so you can "float" between offices as needed. Company-wide scheduling rules are consistently applied across all offices.

Unlimited Customer Support

We believe that great training makes great customers. When you sign up with AdaCare, we'll import your lists of clients and staff and help you get up to speed with live web training. Plus, we also have short on-line tutorials built in to AdaCare. If you need more assistance, just contact us by email or telephone and we'll be happy to help!