Staff Management

Woman and nurse

Managing your staff is a job in itself. Keeping track of telephone numbers, addresses, available hours, and licenses takes time every week. You have to keep your records up to date or you can't know which caregivers are available and when. Plus, you have to make sure that all staff certifications and licenses are current and comply with regulations.

AdaCare keeps your staff records all in one system. You're always organized, up-to-date, and confident that your agency is in compliance.

Contact Information

Keep all of your contact information in one place: name, address, telephone numbers, email address, and more. On the most important pages, AdaCare can open a quick email message to an employee and the calendar can pop up complete contact information (and a map!) with a single click.


Keep Licenses Up To Date

Our reports check your staff's certifications and licenses and find any that are missing or about to expire. Be confident that your staff and your agency are always in compliance. Professional licenses, CEUs, medical certifications, driver's licenses, you name it — AdaCare can track it.

Available Hours for Each Caregiver

Your office may be open regular business hours, but your caregivers work many different schedules. AdaCare lets you set up individual hours for caregivers, so you always know who is available for duty and when.


Efficient Scheduling

Sending a caregiver to a client on the other side of town isn't very efficient. AdaCare helps you by assigning each person to geographic zones, and suggesting caregivers in the same zone as your client. Less driving, more time for caregiving.

Got Allergies?

Does your client have a cat, dog, or smoker in the home? Some of your staff may be allergic and can't work in these environments. AdaCare understands these factors, and doesn't schedule caregivers in incompatible homes.


Avoid Costly Overtime

AdaCare won't schedule overtime unless you decide to relax the rules. When you do, the caregivers on overtime are highlighted on the calendar. You control your payroll, and any special cases are clearly visible.