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When the phone rings and a client asks if a caregiver is available, you need the answer right now. This is when you're glad you have AdaCare to schedule your staff.

We built AdaCare from real-life experience in home care agencies. Our software is used every day by people like you who need to schedule hundreds of visits every week. We understand the busy pace of agencies, and your need for software that makes smart suggestions, fast.

Smart Scheduling

Just click the mouse and AdaCare finds the perfect match between your clients and caregivers, in seconds.

AdaCare automatically considers skills, geographic zones, and the client's home environment to suggest caregivers that are the best match for the client. We guard against overbooking and scheduling outside of your caregivers' on-duty hours.


We Make Scheduling Easy

Home care scheduling can be complicated, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard. We built scheduling rules into AdaCare so it does much of the work for you: looking up duty schedules, checking for conflicts, and keeping track of every client and any special needs. You get to focus on the big picture, and worry less about the details.

Daily and Weekly Calendars

Sometimes you want to see the "big picture" and sometimes you need the details. AdaCare gives you three different views of your calendar: a weekly overview for all clients, zoom in to a single client for the week, or see all clients hour-by-hour one day at a time. Or, switch to the staff overview and you'll see the three calendar views from your caregivers' perspective.


Field-Tested Itineraries

Give your caregivers a schedule they can use. AdaCare prints daily or weekly itineraries formatted the way caregivers need them: daily lists of visits and special instructions, with client addresses, contact information, and driving directions. One sheet of paper covers a schedule for the whole week.

Available Hours for Each Caregiver

Your office may be open regular business hours, but your caregivers work many different schedules. AdaCare lets you set up individual hours for caregivers, so you always know who is available for duty and when.


"Drag and Drop" Schedule Changes

Need to make changes in your schedule? Just use your mouse to drag the visit to the new day, time, or caregiver. Need to allow a little extra time for a visit? Use your mouse to resize the visit — make it longer or shorter, whichever you need.

Got Allergies?

Does your client have a cat, dog, or smoker in the home? Some of your staff may be allergic and can't work in these environments. AdaCare understands these factors and doesn't schedule caregivers in incompatible homes.


We Support Large Agencies

Multiple offices aren't a problem for AdaCare. We give you the tools to manage your scheduling from each of your offices or from a central office, whichever you prefer. Each office has its own clients, staff, and geographic zones. Managers can work in any office so they can "float" between offices as needed. Company-wide scheduling rules are consistently applied across all offices.