Sample Map

Spend more time with your clients and less behind the wheel. Your client's directions might not be clear, but AdaCare has maps to guide you to their door. Maps are built in to your staff's weekly printed itineraries, plus live navigation maps and traffic reports are available any time. You always know where to go and the best way there.

Driving Directions

Get turn-by-turn driving directions to your clients, starting from your office or your caregiver's residence. It's a great way to take the guesswork out of driving, so you never lose your way. Maps "pop up" right from the scheduling calendar, so you can even guide a lost caregiver calling in from the road.


Route Maps

We take maps a step further by drawing the complete route for a caregiver's day. More than simple locations marked on a map, route maps find the best way to get from one client's home to the next.

Traffic Reports

Don't get stuck in traffic again! Real-time traffic reports are available in many cities to help your staff avoid accidents and bottlenecks. Be on time, every time.