Clocking In and Out (EVV)

Pie charts

Save time over old-fashioned time sheets, and get high-quality documentation to show when your caregivers visit each home. Clock in & out of each visit using telephony or your mobile phone's GPS.

Our clock in/clock out service automatically documents when your caregivers arrive and depart from your clients’ homes. It's an easy way to record “instant timecards” and save hours of routine work every week.  Clocking in and out (or "EVV") is integrated into our scheduling software, so you don't need to re-enter visits for billing and payroll calculations.

How does it work? AdaCare supports both major technologies:

  • GPS helps your caregivers clock in & out with their smartphones. AdaCare records the time and matches the caregiver's GPS location to the client's home address.
  • Telephony lets your caregivers just call a toll-free number to check in and out for each visit. AdaCare tracks the calls, and checks the caller ID to match the client’s home telephone number. It's simple and reliable!

Instant Timecards

Skip the paperwork! AdaCare processes caregivers clocking in and out to create “instant timecards.” The timecards record the actual arrival and departure times, and make sure the caregiver's location matches the client’s home address.


Alerts for Late Caregivers

Avoid no-shows! When a caregiver is overdue for a visit, AdaCare automatically sends you an email or text message alert in real time. Call and remind the caregiver, or find a replacement for last-minute absentees.

Automatic Timecard Recording

Save a step for routine visits! When your caregivers arrive and depart on time, AdaCare automatically records the visits as “kept” and saves your office staff lots of repetitive work. If there are any problems (like arriving late, or the caller ID doesn’t match your client’s home), AdaCare highlights the timecard for your approval.


Low Cost

Like our other AdaCare features, clocking in and out inexpensive — just 10¢ per call with no minimum commitment. For example, with two calls per visit, that’s just $20 a week for 100 visits. There are no long-term obligations, so you can try this feature to see how it works for you.