Tools for Bookkeeping

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AdaCare gives you the tools you need to manage your agency. We track every visit, the hours, and the mileage — we save hours of work preparing your payroll and client billing. We don't replace the accounting system you're already using, we give you data you can transfer into any system.

Whether you use QuickBooks or other accounting software, AdaCare provides the information you need for easy payroll and billing.

Client Hours for Billing

AdaCare tracks the time and mileage for every visit to give you the information you need for client billing. We allow for cancellations, no-shows, and adjustments to the hours, so you can have confidence in the data. Print billing information on a report, or export the data to a standard Excel spreadsheet.


Staff Hours for Payroll

We provide the same tools for payroll as for client billing: data for every visit and reports and spreadsheets to give you the information you need every pay period. AdaCare allows for special exclusions from payroll so your reports accurately reflect your practice.

Trend Reports and Charts

How's your business doing? Use AdaCare's built-in reports and charts to track your business metrics month to month. Look at each office separately, or use a consolidated overview for your whole business.


Contracts, Billing and Pay Rates

Do you provide services to other facilities? Do you charge clients and pay caregivers different rates for different services? AdaCare supports as many contracts and rates as you need. We print and export worksheets to make billing and payroll accurate and easy.

QuickBooks Online Connection

Many home care agencies use QuickBooks Online for accounting. AdaCare connects directly to your QuickBooks company file to create customer invoices and employee time tracking records. Save time and money every day!

Do you need a QuickBooks Online account? Sign up for free!


Export to Popular Accounting Software

Export your billing and payroll data to files your accounting system can import directly. We support the major accounting systems, plus a generic format you can use in Excel and other programs.