Subscription Plans and Pricing

AdaCare offers several subscription plans to suit your budget and the features your organization needs. We even include a Startup Plan for new companies, to keep your costs low while you build your business.

Subscription Plans


If you only need scheduling, AdaCare Basics is a great choice. You get all of AdaCare's scheduling tools, streamlined with just the essential features at the lowest cost.


The Plus plan builds on Basics by adding care plans, assessments, and marketing tools. In addition to scheduling, Plus includes scheduling, nursing, and marketing features.


Our Complete plan is AdaCare's everything-included home care management application. In addition to scheduling, Complete includes billing, payroll, nursing, and marketing features.

Pricing & Features





Monthly Fee per Active Client $2.00/client $3.00/client $4.00/client /client /client Call
+ Monthly Base Fee $99.00 $99.00 $99.00  
  Volume discounts apply over 100 active clients


Scheduling, Clients, and Staff
Open Shift Notification
Time Tracking
Family Portal
Mobile GPS EVV Free1 Free1 Free1
Telephony EVV Extra2 Extra2 Extra2
Messaging Free3 Free3 Free3
Upload Documents & Links 3/each4 10/each4 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Nursing Care Plans & Assessments
 Marketing and CRM
Financials, Billing & Payroll
Medicaid EVV Available5 Available5
QuickBooks Connection
Exports to Accounting Systems
Import Your Clients & Staff Free Free Free Free Free Free
All currency is in US dollars

Enterprise Plans are for large organizations that need special combinations of features or negotiated rates. Contact us for more information.

1.Mobile GPS clock in/out is free for four visits every day for every client. Very few agencies will exceed this quota. A small fee (9¢) applies for GPS usage above this limit.
2.Telephony clock in/out is charged a fee (10¢) for each call.
3.Unlimited internal messaging is included for free. If you also send copies to your staff as text messages, up to four messages per client every day are included. There is a small fee (1¢) for text messages in excess of this quota.
4.The document limit is for each client or staff, or company-wide application.
5.Uploading your EVV data to state Medicaid organizations is available in California, Indiana, Ohio, Maine, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Call for other states. A $500 non-refundable setup fee is charged for this feature.

When you subscribe, you'll be charged only a prorated portion of your monthly fee for the remainder of the month. After that, your card will be charged on the first of each month for your monthly fee plus an additional per-client fee. The per-client fee is based on the number of active clients on the last day of the previous month.